iglo hotels in Finland

 Glass iglu and aurora cabins are arguably the most exclusive, most enjoyable lodging experiences in Finland. Even the idea of sleeping in a glass ball in the middle of a deserted forest is something that excites you. When you get the chance to watch the northern lights from your bed, it turns into a fantasy. 😀 Watching the Northern Lights from a glass igloo – Glass igloo and aurora cabins are also the most comfortable way to watch the northern lights. In places and periods when the lights are good, the weather can drop down to -25/-35 degrees at night. As a matter of fact, you may have a hard time standing outside to watch. Since there is no movement while watching, the frostbite bites and bites. Many times you find yourself in a dilemma between watching the lights and warming up your freezing hands and feet. In general, people throw the ball in 2 hours. Therefore, there is nothing like watching the northern lights from the comfort of your soft bed through a warm glass igloo. There a